Hello, I love you ever-so-much because you happen to be the web-surfing victim to splatter through the corridors of Shawn's Base Camp! This page is always under construction.

    I created this homepage so that I could link to all my other many webpages which you really ought to check out... : )

About Me  (coming eventually)
    ...in case any of the various people I meet on the net want to know a bit more about yours truly
The Way Whacked Website
    Come read a variety of humor written by myself and several other wonderful people!  You'll find Star Trek, Star Trek crossover parodies with the X-Files, Godzilla and more along with funny pictures, general jokes, and top 10 lists.
The Star Trek Fan Fiction Generator
    This is an archive of contributed story ideas whose purpose is to inspire as much Star Trek fanfic as possible.
What You Come Back To
This is the home page of a writing group I belong to that is continuing DS9 by writing a virtual Season 8.
How to Make Money on the Internet  Coming when I get the time to redesign and upload it

I got tired of looking at the same old pictures on various peoples' Star Trek pages.  I obviously had to do something about it...

The Julian Bashir Picture Archive
    Zillions of pictures and screen shots of Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine's Dr. Julian Bashir.
The Garden of Garak
    Garak is another wonderful character from DS9 who really deserves an image gallery. This site is currently offline for redesigning.

Links  Now you too can find new and interesting ways to spend time on the net!  (Coming...)

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